METAA Chief Technology Officer Certificate Online Course

The first METAA Chief Technology Officer Certificate Online Course of 2022 has begun. Over the past two years, we have experienced evolving technological challenges in our schools. The role of the K-12 educational technology director has been influential in developing many innovative solutions to the demands of in class, on-line and hybrid learning.

About the Course:

METAA is offering the METAA Chief Technology Officer Certificate Online Course through Framingham State University. This rigorous 14-week online course will build competencies in the ten essential skills of these three primary categories: Leadership & Vision, Understanding the Educational Environment, Managing Technology & Support Resources. Students will earn 3 Framingham State credits. This course designed for both prospective and current technology directors.  

Coursework consists of readings, activities, online discussion posts, reflections, a final essay, and a project portfolio. Students can expect to work about 5 asynchronous hours per week depending on expertise in the ten skill areas the course covers. 

The advantage of working in our online cohort format is the sharing of learning, experience, and expertise in each of the skill areas. With the vital role technology plays in education, this course insures that students gain the competencies to be included in the central management team in each school or district.  

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a course grade. Students will also be evaluated to receive the METAA CTO Certificate through the METAA CTO Course Committee’s review of each student’s LiveBinder portfolio and final project. This certificate provides employers verification that they will be hiring, or have hired, a technology administrator who possesses the vast knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective educational technology leader in the K-12 environment. This certificate is different from other certification programs, like the CoSN CETL certification which requires four years’ experience as a technology director.  

Pre-Requisite Degrees: A Bachelor or Masters degree is highly recommended. (Please note that the current Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary (DESE) Education Director Certification – Generalist requires a Masters degree.)

Next Course Information:

• Course Duration: July 11, 2022 through October 16, 2022 (14 weeks)
The course consists of 12 weeks of instruction related to the skill areas and two additional weeks allotted for the final project.
• Course Cost: $1500 (non-refundable)
• Location: Online (Students will submit work online weekly – expect about 5 hours of work per week. Students will collaborate asynchronously within the weekly schedule.)
The Course Registration Form will be sent out to those who have completed the survey by clicking the button above. Upon receipt of your interest in this course, further information to complete the application and payment process will be provided.  

Please complete the FSU Course Registration Process by June 14, 2022

Graduate Credits: 3
 (through Framingham State University) 
• Access to FSU course site
• CoSN reference materials for one year
• LiveBinder account 
Email any questions to: Loretta Cannistraci
[email protected]
Jeff Liberman
[email protected]

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Current Course:

Our current course ends in April 2022 and has nine students: Dawud Brown, Daniel Downs, Bonnie Lasorsa, Kelly McKende, Koren Myette, John O’Sullivan, Livia Ramos, Steven Rattendi, and Jeffrey Scheminger

Upcoming Courses:

The next course will be announced in June. The course session dates planned are July 11 – October 16, 2022.
At least 5 students need to register per session in order to hold the course.