METAA Chief Technology Officer Certificate Online Course

Having experienced a very challenging 2020 to present, do you have a new vision for your own professional learning? As an incumbent or aspiring technology director, plan a summer/fall ‘ED-VENTURE’ for yourself! 

About the Course:

METAA is offering the METAA Chief Technology Officer Certificate Online Course through Framingham State University. This rigorous 14-week online course will build an understanding of the essential skills and knowledge in the three primary categories of:

Leadership & Vision
Understanding the Educational Environment
Managing Technology & Support Resources

as outlined in the updated Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Framework of Essential Skills for the K-12 Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This course has been updated to reflect any new CETL course information released by CoSN.  

This course is applicable to prospective technology directors and incumbent technology directors. Although four years as technology director is necessary to be eligible to take the CoSN CETL examination, it is not required for the METAA CTO certificate or to take this course. A Bachelor or Masters degree is highly recommended. (Please note that current DESE Director (generalist) certification requires a Masters degree.)  

Coursework consists of readings, activities, online discussion posts, reflections, final essay, and project portfolio. This course addresses the current needs of prospective technology directors as well as incumbent technology directors.   

Students can expect to work about 5 asynchronous hours per week depending on expertise in the ten covered skill areas:
  • Leadership and Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ethics and Policies
  • Instructional Focus and Professional Development
  • Team Building and Staffing
  • Information Technology Management
  • Communications Systems Management
  • Business Management 
  • Data Management
  • Data Privacy and Security
The advantage of working within this online cohort format is the sharing of learning, experience, and expertise in each of the skill areas. Technology directors do not have the same responsibilities in each district and the aim of CoSN and METAA, the national and local chapters representing technology directors, is to ensure that all technology directors are knowledgeable of the ten skill areas given above making possible the inclusion of the technology director on the central management team in each district. Another advantage is that students will earn 3 Framingham State credits.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive the course grade and be considered for the METAA CTO Certificate through the METAA CTO Course Committee’s review of each student’s LiveBinder portfolio and final project. This review will determine the candidate’s eligibility for the METAA CTO Certificate. This certificate will give employers assurance that they will be hiring or have hired a technology administrator who possesses the vast knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective educational technology leader in the K-12 environment.

More Information:

• Course Duration: July 12, 2021 through October 17, 2021 (14 weeks)
The course consists of 12 weeks of instruction related to the skill areas and two additional weeks allotted for the final project.
• Course Cost: $1500 (non-refundable)
• Location: Online (Students will submit work online weekly – expect about 5 hours of work per week. Students will collaborate asynchronously within the weekly schedule.)
The Course Registration Form will be sent out to those who have completed the survey by clicking the button above. Upon receipt of your interest in this course, further information to complete the application and payment process will be provided.  

Please complete the FSU Course Registration Process by June 15, 2021

Graduate Credits: 3
 (through Framingham State University) 
• Access to FSU course site
• CoSN reference materials for one year
• LiveBinder account 
Email any questions to: Loretta Cannistraci
Annamaria Schrimpf
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Candidates for
METAA CTO Certificate Course

Three people completed METAA CTO Online course in 2020. The course began in June and ended in September and covered CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills: consisting of the following categories: Leadership & Vision, Understanding the Educational Environment, and Managing Technology & Support Resources. 

Congratulations on your commitment to improving your skills for the benefit of our schools, districts, teachers, and students! You join about 100 participants who have also completed this course. 
Devendra Alimchandani is a Senior Executive Consultant with Accelon Inc, in California. He took this course to refine and re-organize his industry knowledge and experience, and also become more familiar with CoSN framework and requirements. He wanted to develop a deeper understanding of education organizations for whom he can provide solutions.
DevenDRA Alimchandani
Jorge Gonzalez-Quijano is the Director of Technology at Holbrook Public Schools and a consultant for Schools for Children Inc. He is also the president of a non-profit organization call ACC which is an organization that provides resources to build schools and clinics for the rehabilitation of people with behavioral, neurological and developmental problems. Originally from Mexico, he came to the United States due to a SIS system that he created in Mexico. He took this course to learn more about how to manage educational environments. 
Jorge Gonzalez-Quijano 
Julie Kelley started the course as the High School Technology Integration Specialist at Wilmington High School. She is a Google certified Innovator and Trainer as well as a Product Expert for Google Classroom. She earned her CETL certification just over 2 years ago, but because she did not hold a CTO position, she took this course to brush up on the CTO skills so that if leadership positions opened, she could be more competitive. Julie now serves as the Director of Remote Learning at the Crest Collaborative, a special needs organization serving many districts and schools in Massachusetts.
Julie Kelley, CETL

Current Course:

Our current course ends in April 2021 and has thirteen students: 
Genc Brinja, Brett Buckus, Steven Burke, Kristina Gallant, Yusuf Guler, Darlene Mulhall, Alex Mwangi, Lynne Peledge, Kadion Phillips, Stephanie Potito, Eva Santos, Matt Tangney, and Mehmet Tozan

Upcoming Courses:

The next course will be announced in June. The course session dates planned are July 12 – October 17, 2021.
The last course for 2021 will be announced in August. The course session dates planned are September 13 – 19, 2021.
At least 5 students need to register per session in order to hold the course.