Minimum Baseline for Cybersecurity

The purpose of defining a “Minimum Baseline”– the foundational level of cybersecurity municipalities & schools should achieve – is to encourage and improve their ability to protect and defend themselves from a cyberattack, inspire collaboration, and strengthen cybersecurity resilience across Massachusetts. The Minimum Baseline for Cybersecurity along with it’s four associated Goals of Trained and Cyber-Secure Employees, Improved Threat Sharing, Cyber Incident Response Planning and Secure Technology Environment and Best Practices will be examined in more detail.

Session Information

Stephanie Helm


Stephanie Helm joined the MassCyberCenter at MassTech in September 2018. A career U.S. Navyofficer, she brings to the role deep expertise developed in her senior leadership roles. As Director of theMassCyberCenter, Stephanie is focused on enhancing conditions for economic growth through outreachto the cybersecurity ecosystem in Massachusetts while fostering cybersecurity resiliency within theCommonwealth. Stephanie has guided the efforts of the Center through the establishment of CyberResilient Massachusetts and Training & Education working groups, statewide cybersecurity awarenesscampaigns and outreach to key stakeholders.

Prior to joining MassCyberCenter, Stephanie served as a consultant with the Naval War College inNewport, R.I., providing subject matter expertise in the area of cyberspace, space, and informationoperations. Her work with the College focused on supporting war gaming efforts in the new warfareenvironment of cyberspace operations. In addition to her consulting role, she also served as adjunctfaculty teaching several electives.

Meg Speranza

Data Collection Support Specialist/Directory Resiliency Program Manager

Meg Speranza is the Resiliency Program Manager at the MassCyberCenter at the MassachusettsTechnology Collaborative. She is responsible for improving the collaboration, transparency, andeffectiveness of the Massachusetts cybersecurity ecosystem in order to foster ‘cyber resiliency’ acrossthe Commonwealth’s key institutions and systems, including municipalities, businesses, criticalinfrastructure, and non-profit organizations. She holds a B.S. in Business Management from BabsonCollege and a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance at Boston College. Prior tojoining the MassCyberCenter, Meg had a successful 25-year business career in Massachusetts,managing product development for several global high-tech companies, owning, and operating a smallretail business in Hopkinton, MA, and overseeing educational fundraising before pursuing a career incybersecurity.