An Interactive Managed Services Panel Discussion

Technology plays an important role in the day-to-day operation at your school districts, and it is increasingly important that your network and systems are always online and operating efficiently. Learn how our Managed Services platform, HUBcare, can become an extension of your school district’s workforce. Ensure your systems stay optimized and minimize security risks in your environment. With HUB Tech as your IT Solutions Provider, we will manage your technology so you can free up your valuable resources to manage the end users in your environment. Join our panel discussion to hear how two area school districts are working with HUB Tech to transform their IT environment by leveraging our IT solutions now and for the future. Connected. Managed. Secured. 

Session on Demand

Paul Shiff

Vice President
Hub Technical Services

Ed Sarro 

Network Administrator
West Bridgewater Public Schools 

Randi Arruda

Director of Finance and Technology
Swansea Public Schools
Paul Shiff serves as Vice President of HUB Tech. With 40+ successful years of business acumen under his belt, he brings an entrepreneurial spirit as well as the experience necessary to bring together a focused sales team. His prior experience in the retail and merchandising industry as the owner and partner of a number of companies allows him to understand business trends and optimize opportunities. He has been with HUB Tech since 2003 and has been an instrumental part of the company’s growth and vision.

I spent most of my life in southeast Massachusetts. After graduation from Bridgewater State College in 1971 I was employed by the West Bridgewater School Department. I worked as a teacher, administrator, and ultimately as the network administrator. In 2006, I retired from the school department and was rehired on a part time basis as the network administrator for the entire town. I currently serve in that capacity. I moved to New Hampshire full time in 2018 and continue to work both onsite and remotely. I enjoy spending time with my four children and grandchildren. I also enjoy snowmobiling with my friends and spending a lazy summer day sitting by the river.

Hello, my name is Randi Arruda. My current role is Director of Finance and Technology for the Swansea Public School. I have worked for the district for the past 34 years. I started my career as the bookkeeper. I earned my MBA and I am a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations, and a Massachusetts Certified Public Procurement Officer. When I first started in the Swansea School System there was very little technology in the district. I went back to school and earned my Microsoft certifications, Google certifications and a degree in Information Technology. In my role I vet out and procure improvements and solutions to enhance or maintain the efficiencies or our environment. One improvement to our district was having the opportunity to upgrade and connect all our buildings (we have seven sites) with fiber. This installation and upgrade have afforded the district with improved connectivity and a substantial cost reduction by moving to one demarcation for all sites. Recently, we upgraded our WI-FI dashboard and access points throughout the district to improve connectivity and add additional appliances to meet the need for remote learning and live streaming. My position at the Swansea Schools allows me to help provide support, growth and peace of mind to our school community and that is extremely valuable to me. I do know where all the wires are 😊