What You Really Need to Know
About Privacy in the Classroom

School looks very different now with a mixture of remote and in person learning. The scrutiny on privacy is ramping up with Facebook, Google, and Zoom all facing public concerns and publicity around this issue. Privacy is now a big discussion item in schools but what is really important to educators? In this session, we are going to talk about safety, privacy, security, and compliance as it directly relates to the classroom. Join us as we provide valuable resources to help you understand and manage privacy issues in your school.

Session on Demand

Steve Garton

Senior Manager, Common Sense Privacy
Steve Garton is a Senior Manager for Common Sense Privacy and is an expert in meaningful technology integration, particularly in large-scale initiatives. He supports districts with professional development planning, program monitoring, student assessment, privacy issues and communication across stakeholder groups. Steve has been a classroom teacher and tech coordinator at the local, county, and state level.

Prior to joining Common Sense, Steve was the Coordinator of Educational Technology for the Maine Department of Education. While there, he led the professional development programs for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, the state’s 1:1 program that supported over 12,000 teachers and administrators. As a member of the Department’s leadership team, he provided policy support and leadership.