Breaking Down SIF Reports

This presentation will focus on the various SIF reports that are available to district users in the Security Portal, that are related to the state reporting SIF process. We will break down  error reports and transmission reports, discuss the difference between these two types of reports and when to refer to each. We will also go over the most popular reports and discuss how to use these as tools to diagnose issues and better understand the process of SIF data submission.

Session Information

Natalie Croteau

Technology Systems Coordinator
Littleton Public Schools

I am a Technology Systems Coordinator for Littleton Public Schools. I am passionate about teaching, learning and all things State Reporting.

Melissa Marino

Data Collection Supervisor
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
Melissa Marino is the data collection supervisor at DESE since 2014. The data collection team supports school districts in their submission of various state reports like SIMS, SCS, EPIMS, and SSDR. The data collection team also supports Directory Administrators across the state.